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Finding a cure for cardiovascular disease.

3D printing is being used to grow tiny human hearts!

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is 3D printing micro-scaffolds on the Asiga MAX X to provide structure for the fusion of human heart cells. This structure helps the human heart cells reach the proper maturity to form organoids (small hearts) which are then used to investigate the genetic changes that cause cardiovascular disease.

“The microstructures that we’re creating here with the 3D printer really gives us that advantage, more functionality and something more like what an adult human heart would look like.”

dr. Jordan Thorpe, postdoctoral scientist, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

For more information about using the Asiga 3D printers in obtaining the correct maturity of hearts used as changes in the research of cardiovascular diseases, watch the film below.

For more information about the Asiga 3D printers, 3D printing materials or other 3D printing related questions, please contact us.

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