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Additive manufacturing, 3D printing is now even more interesting with 3D print resins from Henkel.

Print material manufacturers are increasingly expanding the product portfolio and more and more 3D print material manufacturers are coming onto the market. 3D printer manufacturer Asiga has open material system printers with which more and more is made possible with technical and medical materials. We see that it is a great extension in our material library for processing with Asiga printers. Henkel, known for materials such as loctite, now also offer a wide portfolio of print materials for the digital production of parts in production quality. The materials of Henkel are unique because of the versatility and quality compared to other 3D resin manufacturers. Henkel offers 3D printing fluids from impact resistant to very flexible and from flame retardant to heat resistant.

Through a close collaboration between printer manufacturer Asiga and Henkel, they both deepen their experience and combine them in 3D printing technologies and chemistry, using both their knowledge to go a level further in additive manufacturing. The following quality products have been created through this unique collaboration:

  • Loctite 3D 3843 HDT60
  • Loctite 3D 3172 HDT50
  • Loctite 3D 3860 HDT180
  • Loctite 3D 3840
  • Loctite 3D 3820 Ultra Clear
  • Loctite 3D 5010 A60 SI
  • Loctite 3D 5015 A80 SI

The material ini files are now available for download via the online platform of Asiga, the Asiga Material Library.

To read the full press release, click here  or visit the Henkel-website.

Images courtesy of Vert Design, Sydney, Australia.

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