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Adhesive for silicone on steel, rubbers, polyester and Nylon, Primer SG3

Primer SG3 is a silicone-based primer for the adhesion of silicone to many types of metals, rubbers (synthetic and nature), polyesters and various nylon fabrics.

The Primer SG3 is based on silicone and can be used with all types of addition silicone, Platsil silicone and Eurosil silicone products. There are also options with various condensation silicone products, silicone-based sealers or other silicone products such as silicone sealants. Primer or adhesives can in some cases be used as a separating layer in between to prevent inhibition by platinum based silicone rubbers.

We always recommend to make a test before using materials and adhesives to test whether this is suitable. The main features of the SG2 silicone primer are:

  • For use with addition curing silicone
  • Adhesion to metals, rubbers, polyester and nylon
  • Suitable for non-porous surfaces
  • Can be used as a barrier to prevent inhibition

The Primer SG3 is available in bottles of 100 ml.

Packaging on-line: 100 ml
Packaging: 100 ml
Processing time (min.): Max 2 hours
surface treatment: 1 liter covers approximately 15m2
Curing time (hours): 1.5
Viscosity (cP): 4 mPas
Tack Free time: 20 min
Color: yellow
Type of product: Platinum silicone (addition-cured) / condensation adhesive


The surfaces to be glued must be dry and free of grease, for example, from oil, dust and release agents. Non-porous substrates, including those made of silicone rubber, must be degreased with a solvent before application. The primer should be applied with a lint-free cloth or brush and allowed to dry thoroughly at room temperature for a minimum time equal to the tack-free time of 20 min before applying the silicone (sealant). Drying should be carried out in a well-ventilated area. Do not wait more than 2 hours. The drying / curing time depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. Do not apply heat to speed up the drying cycle. Over-application of the primer will result in poorer adhesion. One liter of Primer is approximately sufficient for approximately 15 m². It is absolutely important to check compatibility in preliminary tests on unfamiliar surfaces to be used.

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