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Algin White Slow

Algin White Slow variant is a white alginate powder that hardens at room temperature after mixing with water. The Algin White fast guarantees a precise reproduction when molding parts with the smallest and finest details. This alginate is therefore recommended for various duplications. Importantly, this alginate is free of silica!

In general, alginate molds are most commonly used with materials such as silicone, plaster, ceramic plaster and cement. Many other products are also used for casting the moulds. It is important to always make a test beforehand to be sure that your casting material is compatible with the alginate.

The alginate has been developed for bodycasting, the shaping of body parts.

Add two parts by weight of water and one part of alginate and mix the two elements together for approximately 60 seconds to form a homogeneous mixture. Apply the alginate to the object or body part to be molded. The material cures after 9-13 minutes from the start of mixing, at a temperature of about 23°C. Before applying the alginate mixture, make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease. To maintain the product’s characteristics, respect the exact mixing ratio.

Online Packaging: 500 grams, 10 kg
Packaging on request: 25 kg and bulk packaging
Color: light blue
Mixing ratio: 1:2
Bulk density: 0.3 0.4 g/ml
Mixing time: 45 – 60 sec.
Set time: 3-9 min approx.
Viscosity: 200 – 300PA.s

From: 9,00

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