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Asiga Pro 4K, large size of production printer

Asiga PRO 4K is a large format 3D printer for the production of highly accurate prototypes, dental models, audiological models and medical models.

The Asiga printers from the Pro and Max series with open material system and SPS technology! This means that any material print resin that is available in the market with a corresponding .ini file can be printed with the Asiga Max and Pro 4K models. The SSP technology ensures a guaranteed accurate layer structure, each layer by layer.

The Asiga PRO 4K from Asiga is the production printer with a completely open material system. The models from the pro series are the largest printers in the Asiga family. The Pro 4K from Asiga has a choice of a 385 nm UV and a 405 nm light source and a choice in the 65 μm or 80 μm accuracy on the X, Y-axis.

The Asiga Pro models are optimized for printing at a high speed and a stable layer thickness thanks to the patented SPS technology. The Asiga printers have an ethernet connection for directly on a PC or via a network, over WiFi connectivity, automatic support generation with the Asiga Composer software (supplied free of charge), material bin, material, calibration kit, online support option and post curing unit of Asiga the Asiga Flash.

Because it is an open material system, printing can be done with materials from third parties. The material manufacturers such as Nextdent, Dreve, Detax, Pro3Dure, egger and others provide a .ini file to ensure that the printer can print in full quality. This application is extremely suitable for dental and audiological applications.

Build Size Asiga Pro HD65, 65 µm: 176 × 99 × 200 mm.
Build Size Asiga Pro HD80, 80 µm: 217 × 122 × 200 mm.

Light source: 385 nm – UV, 405 nm
Pixel size X, Y / resolution: 65 µm & 80 µm
Construction volume X, Y, Z: 176 × 99 × 200 mm, 217 × 122 × 200 mm
Z-axis height: 1 µm
Material System: Open
Software: Asiga Composer included
Network option: WiFi and Ethernet
File import: STL, SLC & Stomp
Product type: 3D printer



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