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Cast Separator 2.0 Detax, 500 ml

Cast separator is a separating release agent for the 3D printed models and the casting Cast 2.0 material.

Cast separator is a separating agent for the 3D printed models such as the Detax Cast 2.0 and the silicone casting material. Insulating separation fluid for effective insulation of molds. Isolates the 3D printed resin ((Freeprint Cast 2.0, based on methacrylate) against A-silicone and thus prevents the molded silicone from sticking to the mold. Enables easy release and evens out pattern layers of the layer build-up. The Cast Separator is a ready-to-use solution for immersion in a bath, it is transparent and for efficient use in the laboratory.

After filling the silicone in the mold, the cured Cast 2.0 can be easily peeled off.

Packaging: 500 ml
Brand: Detax
Application: Audiology
Type of product: Release agent, separation liquid


detax softwear® – earmould silicone particularly for the filling of cast forms - EN

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