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Condensation silicone Shore A 20, Syntec C20

SG C-Sil Shore A 20 is a condensation silicone. This Tin cured silicone has a mixing ratio of 100A: 5B (harder). The Silicone Condensation is an economic silicone that is often used for one-off or short-life molds. The SG C silicone is mostly used for making both small and large molds. The condensation silicone has a high mechanical resistance. The SG C-Sil is a white silicone with a transparent hardener. The viscosity is 24,000 cP and has a 90 minutes processing time. The cure time is 24 hours.

In contrast to the addition silicone, the condensation silicone has a limited shelf life because the hardener comes out of the silicone. This process starts from the curing process and continues for weeks after curing. As a result, the chance of shrinkage in time is high. For durable molds consult our High quality Eurosil addition silicone materials.


  • Set 5,25 kg (5 kg A +250 gram B)
  • Set 21 Kg (20 kg A + 1 kg B),
  • Set 210 Kg (200 kg A + 10 kg B) ,

Hardness (Shore A): 20
Color: White
Mix Ratio: 100 basis + 5 % catalyst
Working Time (min): 90
Total Cure (hr): 24
Viscosity (cP): 40.000
Tear strength: 20 N / mm
Tensile strength: 3 N / mm2
Density: 1.22 g / cc
Size variation: 0.51% / 0.6% ±
Extensibility: 350%
Type product: Tin silicones (condensation-cure)


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