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DentaMODEL, UV-resin for dental models, ivory (385 nm / 405 nm)

DentaMODEL is a UV-curable resin for the liquid DLP and SLA printers. DentaMODEL print material developed by Asiga printers can be used by various types and brands of resin 3D printers. DentaMODEL can be used for the 385 nm UV and the 405 nm printers.

Dentamodel is a UV-curing liquid for the manufacture of dental models in the color ivory. The finish and visual quality of DentaMODEL is similar to the dental stone plaster, making it an excellent choice for the dental laboratory. 3D scans of complete jaw models printed in DentaMODEL resin show that more than 93% of the data points within 50 microns of the original CAD file have a standard deviation of 31 microns.

Denta MODEL ivory is available in 1 L bottles.

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