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DETAX – 3D cast 2.0 Freeprint / Luxaprint® (UV 378-388nm / 405nm), 1 KG

DETAX features the Freeprint as a 405 nm curing material and the Luxaprint as the 378-388 nm curing material.

The Detax Cast 2.0 is a UV-curing resin for the SLA and DLP 3D printers. The resin can be used for making molds for the casting of silicone ear pieces. The green-transparent casting material enables visual inspection of the filling process with liquid VPS silicones. Maximum security of the process, even with the best support structures, ideal for multi-level printing. Due to the considerably lower viscosity than conventional materials the material consumption will be lower and the prints easier to clean. Accelerated throughput at short exposure times. In this revised version, the breaking of the mold is simplified by defined brittleness, so that removal of the silicone blank is effortless

Freeprint® cast 2.0 UV-curing resin (wavelength 405 nm)
Luxaprint® cast 2.0 UV-curing resin (wavelength 378-388nm)

Available in 1 kg bottle

Packaging: 1 kg
Lichtsource: 405 nm – Freeprint®, UV 378-388nm – Luxaprint®
Brand: Detax
Applicatio: Audiology
Type product: 3D printmaterial


luxaprint® 3D cast – Rapid Prototyping UV 378-388 nm - EN

From: 269,00239,00

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