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Detax Addition Futur 2 x 250ml, Shore A 25

Detax addition futur is an addition silicone putty with a hardness Shore A 25. The kneadable two components silicone putty with excellent performance ratio. The Addition Futur from Detax is unique with a very soft Shore A 25. The Addition futur is very homogeneous when mixed well (1A: 1B) by kneading the two components. The silicone is not sticky in use and has a very fine and detailed reproduction. The futur has the property that this shape is stable with a high tear and tensile strength.

With is easy to process thanks to the simple 1A: 1B mixing ratio and the two different colors violet / light blue of the components A and B.The Addition futur has a lemon scent.

Detax Addition Futur set 500 ml (250 ml A + 250 ml B)

24,50 excl. VAT

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