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Detax Aquaplus colormix for swim plugs

Detax aquaplus® colormix is ​​a special addition silicone for making floating swim plugs for the protection of water and noise.
The plugs are made of a special floating silicone. The silicones are in double cartridges for making more colorful swimming plugs.

With the Detax Aquaplus, the swimming plugs can be manufactured directly or in the lab. The soft initial consistency of the material has an easy processing. Aqua protectors made of aquaplus® color mix are permanently elastic, extremely tensile and long-lasting color stable, skin-friendly and biocompatible. A silicone, medium body, final hardness: approx. 35 Shore A, colors: blue, yellow, green, orange, red

Also available as a Colormix Set packaging. This contains an assortment of 8 x 50 ml (A + B) cartridges (2 x blue, 2 x red, 2 x orange, 1 x yellow, 1 x green), and 32 mixing cannulas.

Packaging: Set 8 x 50 ml.
Hardness (Shore A): 35
Color: blue, yellow, green, orange, red and colormix
Workingtime (min.): 5 min (directly in ear) / 10 – 15 min indirect.
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B (by weight)
Viscosity (cP): low
Type product: Swim plugs (addition-cured) silicone for noise and water protection.


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