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Detax earflex® pink / transparent, Shore A 40 & 60

Detax earflex® Pink / transparent in hardness Shore A 40 & 60.

The Detax Cartridge earflex are available in pink & transparent. Both colors are in Shore A 40 & 60 hardness.

Earflex is being used for the fabrication of soft BTE earmolds & protectors.  The flexible silicone is easy to process and tear resistant. The permanently elastic silicones are packed in a box with 8 sets of 50 ml.

The flexible silicone has a highest wearing comfort due to soft-flexible fitting, long-term stable and are skin friendly. The light bodied earflex silicones has a prolonged working time (3.30 min) for massproduction in the lab.

The Earflex has different coatings for finishing. The dip coat, super coat, express coat and frosty coat are widely used in the finishing of the Earflex silicone.

The mixing cannulas for earflex are the Optima white, these are available separately.

Packaging: Set 8 x 50 ml.
Hardness (Shore A): 40 & 60
Color: roze transparant, transparant
Working time (min.): 3:30 min.
Mix ratio: 1A:1B
Viscosity (cP): low
Available canules: Optima white
Available mixgun:
standard automix 1
Type product: Platinum cured silicone (addition) silicone for soft BTE earmolds and protectors.

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