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Detax green eco® medium consistency silicone putty. Shore A 40

Detax green eco®, medium consistency, green kneadable  silicone putty with hardness Shore A 40.

Due to an innovative polymer, detax green eco is very highly elastic with exceptional tear strength and durable dimensional stability. This (A) addition silicone has a lime green color and a final hardness of Shore A 40.

Packaging: Set 2 x 800 gram.
Hardness (Shore A): 40
Color: base: lime green  / catalyst: yellow
Mix time: ca. 30 sec.
Working time (min.): 2:00 min.
Total cure: ca. 5 min.
Mixing Ratio: 1A:1B
Viscosity (cP): high
Type product: Platinum cured silicone (addition) silicone for ear impression.

57,50 excl. VAT

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