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DETAX – Medicalprint® clear & opaque (UV 378-388nm), class IIA, 1 KG

Medical print is a UV-curable resin for manufacturing with a 3D liquid printer (SLA / DLP). The Medical Print from Detax is widely used for medical applications and can be used for various applications thanks to the class 2A certification.

Clear – transparent / pink for use with, for example, earpieces, sound protectors, In Ears Monitor (custom), ITE shells.

Also available in opaque colored version.

Very high precision & surface hardness, maximum construction speed. Highest mechanical bending and breaking strength. No drying process required, long-term color stable. For all DLP / UV printers with light spectrum 378-388nm. Biocompatible, medical certification class IIa.

The Detax medical print is available in the color Clear, pink, beige, blue opaque and red opaque.

  • brilliant colours
  • Max. Impact Strength
  • Ultimate initial Transparent

Packaging: 1 kg bottle

Color: Brilliant clear 2.0 , Clear,Helder / transparant, Rood Opaak, Roze transparant
Packaging: 1 kg
Brand: Detax
Application: Audiologie, Earmoulds & ITE Shells
Typee product: 3D printresin

From: 299,00249,00

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