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EasyFlo 120, Liquid Plastic, Shore D (also for Rotation Casting)

The EasyFlo 120 polyurethane plastic is a color white, Shore D resin that is extremely suitable for rotation molding through the controlled gelling process. With the EasyFlo 120 it is easily possible to make hollow models that are lightweight and incredibly tough. These can optionally be filled with polyurethane foams.

Like the other EasyFlo products, these materials with a low viscosity and an easy mixing ratio (1A: 1B at volume 100A: 90B by weight) are easy to process casting plastic products.

The EasyFlo 120 has a working time of 2-2.5 minutes and a release / demold time of 15-30 minutes. These times depend on the thickness that is being poured. The Easyflo 120 is ideal for rotational molding because the gelling process is controlled. These hollow pour materials are extremely strong and lightweight. The RTV, room temperature hardening polyurethane products Easy Flo can be thickened with the CAB-O-SIl or Poly Fiber II polyurethane thickeners.

Packaging: Set 1.9 kg, Set 9.5 kg, Set 34.4 kg
Hardness (Shore D): 65
Working Time (min): 2-2,5
Ontvorm tijd: 30-60
Viscosity (cP): 120 cP
Type product: Polyurethane resin


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