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EasyFlo 60 – Polyurethane Resin Shore D 65, fast cured/low viscosity

EasyFlo 60 liquid plastic is a two component polyurethane resin that cures to a Shore D 65 (rigid/non flexible) plastic. The EasyFlo serie products cures at Room Temperature (RTV) with a simple 1A:1B mix ratio by volume (100A:90B by weight). The EasyFlo 60 is a low viscosity 60 cP resin with a fast demold time of 15 to 30 minutes. Fast curing resin with a pour time of 2 – 2.5 minutes.

The EasyFlo materials is a low-viscosity pourable plastic resin but can also be easily thickened with CAB-O-SIl or PolyFiber II for brush-on applications.

For Spray applications, consider the EasyFlo Spray FR. For rotocasting or slush casting to create hollow pasts you can consider the EasyFlo 120. The EasyFlo 95 is useful when you need a longer pour time of 5 minutes to complete a pour.

The EasyFlo products are mercury-free polyurethane resin which are easy-to-use. The mix ratio of 1A:1B by volume and low viscosity makes this liquid perfect for details and bubble free castings without using a vacuum or pressure techniques. Rapid demold times make EasyFlo products ideal for high-volume, fast cast applications. the EasyFlo serie products are useful for a wide range of applications like industrial, hovvy, craft, commercial, props & displays and more. there is no release agent needed if EasyFlo products would be cast in tin-cured or Platinum cured silicones like Eurosil. If you cast in other materials like steel, wood or polyurethane you can use our Pol-Ease 2300 for a proper release. The EasyFlo can easily be coloured by color paste.

Packaging: Set 1.9 kg, Set 9.5 kg, Set 34.4 kg
Hardness (Shore D): 65
Working Time (min): 2 – 2,5
Ontvorm tijd: 15-30
Color: White
Viscosity (cP): 60 cP
Type product: Polyurethane resin


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