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Elastic transparent Luxaprint® cocoon, Detax

The Luxaprint Cocoon is suitable for printers with a 385 nm light source.

The transparent and elastic print material Luxaprint Ccocon from Detax makes visual inspection of the filling process possible and air bubbles can be prevented. With the use of the Luxaprint Cocoon there is no adhesion of the silicone to the printed form, so no separation fluid is required. “Fast peel off” effect for quick removal of the silicone shell without breaking the mold and no sharp edges. The casting molds made from luxaprint® cocoon are easy to pull apart due to the defined tear line in the model design. The Cocoon is compatible with all common VPS silicones.

Color: Transparent
Packaging: 1000 grams
Light source: UV 378-388nm – Luxaprint®
Brand: Detax
Application: Audiology
Product type: flexible 3D printing material


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