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EP 244, Epoxy for larger castings

The Epoxy SynTec EP 244 from SynTec is a water and crystal clear epoxy resin suitable for larger castings. The EP 244 has a good UV resistance. The unique thing about this Epoxy resin is that the variable ratio  when mixing results in a choice between a hard Epoxy or a semi-flexible Epoxy resin.


  • Good UV resistance (small chance of yellowing when exposed to UV)
  • Variable hardness (rigid and semi-flexible)
  • Large castings can be produced
  • Low viscosity, easy to apply

Packaging: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg, Set 50 kg (Set 400 kg, drum packaging on request)
Hard Cast Mix Ratio: 100A:40B (by weight)
Mixing ratio flexible casting: 100A:100B (by weight)
Processing time 200 gr, 25C (hours): > 8
Demould time 200 gr, 25C (hours): 48 hours
Full curing 25C: 7 days
Minimum curing temperature* : 18°C
Recommended processing thickness: 10-50 mm
Gel Time 100 grams, 40C Rigid only: 480 min.
Gel Time 100 grams, 60C Rigid only: 110 min.

Before use, check whether the SynTec EP 244 is compatible with the materials of the objects to be cast, reinforcements or fillers used. Inspect both components
for signs of crystallization in the package. Crystallization can make the liquid cloudy or viscous, and in extreme cases a component can also become a solid and hard crystallized product. Once either component has crystallized, heat the crystallized component until 40°C to remove sufficient extraction. Shake the package until the product becomes a clear liquid. Allow the product to cool in the room to the correct temperature before using it. Do not apply resin if the environmental or
substrate temperature is less than the minimum curing temperature specified. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry and free of all grease. Ensure that all mixing equipment is clean, dry and free from contamination and grease.

Pour quantity and thicknesses
The recommended casting thickness for SynTec Epoxy EP 244 is 10 – 50 mm. Castings less than 10mm thick may not fully cure. Castings over 50mm can be achieved if the overall casting volume is fairly small. Volumes of less than 2 liters can be poured up to 100 mm thick. The chemical reaction of the material generates heat and therefore more heat in larger quantities. Therefore adhere to the recommended casting thicknesses.

Processing Instructions:
Mix the resin and the hardener well according to the specified mixing ratio within the specified times. Make sure to avoid air entrapment. Take the material on the bottom of the mixing bowl and the side of the mixing bowl well during mixing and stir with the rest of the components. When the Syntec EP 244 mixes under vacuum or allows the mixture to degas after mixing in a vacuum chamber, this improves the quality as well as the aesthetics of the casting. Always keep an eye on the processing time here.

The SynTec EP 244 is an RTV, room temperature curing epoxy. The ambient temperature influences the curing time and must have a minimum temperature of 18°C. Lower temperature results in slow or incomplete curing of this product. Incomplete curing can occur if poured in a thin section. The exact curing time will depend on the size and geometry of the model to be cast and should be determined by testing. Thinner castings will take longer to cure than thicker castings,
but in general the product can be demolded after 48 hours at 25°C ambient temperature and within the specified quantities and thicknesses. Incomplete curing can lead to slight deformations or deformations of the components when forces are applied to them resulting in a ductile but flexible material. If the product is softer than expected or stated, allow it to cure longer or heat the casting at a low temperature in the oven at 30 – 40°C.

Shrinkage may occur and it may vary by design and casting. The shrinkage depends on factors such as casting size and the particular geometry, generally the greater the volume or size the greater the (chance of) shrinkage than thinner castings. In addition to geometry and volume, substrate temperature and resin temperature can also affect shrinkage.

Both Syntec Epoxy products and components can be stored and stored in the original and unopened packaging between 15 and 25°C. When the package has not been opened, the average shelf life of Epoxy is 6-12 months from date of manufacture. The chance of crystallization arises towards the end of the shelf life and when the package has been opened. See preparation to get it back to a liquid version by means of heating.

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