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Extremely firm hardness polyurethane casting rubber flexible Shore D-45, Poly 81-D45

The Poly 81-D45 part of the Poly 81 series liquid polyurethane rubber is a high quality RTV casting rubber that offers superior strength and abrasion resistance. It is the hardest polyurethane rubber available from Schouten SynTec.

These rubbers are mostly used for making molds, formliners, stamps, tools, industrial parts, rollers, gaskets, molds shells, bumpers, pads and other industrial parts and tools.

Properties of the Poly 81-D45 are:

  • Two components casting rubber
  • Curing at room temperature (RTV)
  • Shore A D-45 flexible (also available in Shore A 90)
  • Firm, high-strength, abrasion-resistant systems
  • Pourable and low viscosity
  • Reproduces the finest details
  • Long-lasting, economical
  • Demold after 16 hours (deformation time)
  • 327% elongation
  • Recommendation to cast under vacuum / degassing after mixing
  • Eeasy to color

Packaging: Set 1.2 kg, Set 6 kg, Set 21,75 KG
Large packaging: drum packaging on request
Mix Ratio: 100A:20B
Color: Clear/Amber
Cured Color: Varies
Hardness: Shore A 95+ / Shore D 45
Working Time (min): 19
Total Cure (hr): 16 hr (demold) / 7 days (100%)
Viscosity (cP): 1.600
Elongation: 327 %
Tear Strength (N/mm2): 66.54
Tensile Strength (N/mm2): 9.83 (1426 psi)
Specific Volume: 26.4 in³/lb
Specific Gravity: 1.08
Type product: Polyurethane casting rubber
Application: moulds & parts

The color of polyurethane Part Bs may change in color from batch to batch or may darken with age, but product performance is not affected.


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