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Fast and very hard polyurethane casting rubber Shore A 97, PT Flex 97

PT Flex 97 Liquid Rubber is a two component, liquid polyurethane system that cures (RTV) to extra hard Shore A 95-97 flexible rubber. PT Flex series rubbers are specifically designed for prototyping and model building applications and offer fast casting times (approx. 4-5 minutes) and fast run-out times (approx. 1 hours) and a slightly higher viscosity for the PT Flex series of 600 – 900 mPa.s .

A strong, durable elastomer of 95-97 Shore A, it is often used for mold or prototyping, and rubber parts that require high tear strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

This extremely hard Shore A 97 p.u. rubber is well machinable due to its high tear strength and also has excellent abrasion resistance. By adding the Poly colors or the color pastes, the PT Flex rubbers can easily be colored. When pouring the PT Flex products into an addition silicone mold such as the Eurosil silicone, no release agent needs to be used. If you use a mold made of steel, plastic or, for example, polyurethane or epoxy, a release agent such as our Pol-Ease 2300, VL or 2450 must be used.

PT Flex rubbers are easy to process with mixing and dosing machines, which reduces air entrapment during mixing and processing. The PT Flex series casting rubbers are often used in production rubbers where durability and fast curing is desired. These rubbers are easy to bring to the desired color.

The Polytek PT Flex series is available in a Shore A 20 to Shore A 85. We offer the PT Flex polyurethane rubber in packaging:

  • Set 2 kg A + B
  • Set 10 kg A + B
  • Set 36 kg A + B
  • Set 408 kg A + B

    The PT Flex 97 rubber has the following packaging:

  • Set 2 kg A + B
  • Set 10 kg A + B
  • Set 36 kg A + B
  • Set 50 kg A + B
  • Set 400 kg A + B

Contact us for delivery’s of 36 kg sets or 408 kg set packages.

Packing online: Set 2 kg A + B, Set 10 kg
Hardness (Shore A): 95-97
Mixing ratio: 1A: 1B (by weight)
Processing time (min): 4 – 4.5 min
Curing time (hours):1
Viscosity (mPas.): 600 – 900
Volume weight: 1.02-1.07 g / cm³
Tensile strength: 9-10 MPa
Tear strength: 65-75 kN / m
Elongation: 340-400%
Type of product: Polyurethane casting rubber for parts and molds
Brand: PT Flex


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