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Fast-curing polyurethane casting rubber Shore A 20, PT Flex 20

The fast curing PT Flex 20 casting rubber is a Shore A 20 polyurethane product. Liquid cast rubbers from the PT Flex Series are polyurethane molded rubbers specifically designed for prototyping and functional rubber parts. In contrast to many other polyurethane rubber products, these pourable rubbers have a low viscosity and are quick-setting, so that they can be quickly unloaded. These rubbers are often used in Prototyping, Prop Making, Industrial, Theming & Display, Model Making and Craft & Hobby applications.

PT Flex rubbers can be cast in Eurosil® silicone molds without any release agent and can be cast in polyurethane rubber molds, polyurethane resin / plastic molds and latex molds with the appropriate release agent (eg Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent).

The fast hardening rubbers can be processed better due to the low viscosity of the Poly 74 and poly 75 series rubbers. The PT Flex rubbers are better machined for finishing on the rubber parts. The PT Flex rubbers (Shore A) can be unloaded from the mold after two hours. This makes production of larger-scale jobs easier with the PT Flex.

The PT Flex rubbers can be obtained varying from Shore A 20 to Shore D 60.

Packaging: Set 10 kg A+B, Set 2 kg, Set 36 kg
Hardness (Shore A): 20
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B (by weight)
Color: Beige / brown opaque
Viscosity (cP): 520
Total Cure (hr): 0.5 @ 70 °C / 1,5
Type product: Polyurethane rubber


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