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Form 2K – 2 components mixing machine

The Mixing machine Form 2K series is a affordable compact mixing and dosing machine for processing 2-component liquids such as silicone, polyurethane and epoxy materials and other resin systems. Specific materials from the RTV series, or cold / room temperature vulcanizing materials. The machines can be expanded to a 3k or 4k machine for processing multiple components such as a part C or color paste.

The basic version Form 2K already has the necessary level of automation, making it easy to program the right settings for the right materials. It is easy and quick to set up the reconfiguration when changing the different materials.

The Form 2K machines can be used for materials with mixing ratios from 100:1 to 100:100. The output is 5 to 1000 ml per minute. The machine can process thicker materials up to 30,000 mPa’s viscosity. The tank contents for the A and B component are possible from 0.5 – 10 liters and the machines come standard in 5 liters per component tank content.

This setup of the Form 2K mixing machines is equipped as standard with a mobile trolley base that makes it easy to move the machine. The mixing gun is stored by means of a support on the base when not in use. With the Desktop version, the support for the mixing gun is mounted on the machine.

The control panel is easy to operate and is used to set the technical specifications of the output material as well as the correct mixing ratio and viscosities. The cleaning process is also set up and operated here.

These machines are not suitable for processing spray systems and HTV materials. We have other machines in our range for this. If you are looking for a specific machine for your own material or application, please contact us.


These machines are built to customer specific wishes. Many options such as heating and mixers per component in the tank, additional components can be added, different cleaning programs possible.


Brand: Syntec
Number of Components: standard 2, optional 2-4.
Contents Tank per component: Standard 5 liters per component. Optional: 0.5 – 10 ltr.

Materials: elastomers, resins, polyurethane rubber, polyurethane resin, silicones, adhesive systems, sealers.
Mixing system: standard: static mixer, optional: static dynamic mixer
Number of components: standard 2, optional up to 4.
Output / min. 5 – 1,000 ml.
Viscosity: Maximum 30,000 mPa’s.
Heating per component: optional up to 40C.


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