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Formech 508 DT vacuum forming 482 x 432 x 185 mm

The most popular table model and Plug & Play 508 DT vacuum form system from Formech is with the PLC screen a user-friendly desktop machine. The Quartz heaters ensure that you are operational in less than 5 minutes to form demanding materials. With 20 for programmed programs with settings for heating profiles and timing, it is easy to call up various standard settings.

The 508 DT has a shape area of 482 x 432 mm and a depth of 185 mm. The big brother 508FS has a mold area of 482 x 832 x 290 mm for deep drafts.

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Quartz heating elements
Quartz heating elements have the advantage of a fast response and high efficiency, resulting in time and energy savings.

Safety lock
Mechanical locking prevents the table from being raised while the heating is in the forward position. This also applies to all desktop machines.

Vacuum & Discharge
After the molded part has cooled, air is forced between the mold and the plate to assist in releasing it.

Vacuum meter
A visual indication of consistent vacuum pressure that is applied. (Pressure is measured in Hg / bar).

Digital Timer
A Digital Timer with a programmable countdown and audible alarm that helps to achieve consistent cycle times.


Reducing Window
Reduces the molding area to use smaller sheets of material and minimize wastage. We offer this in standard or custom format.

A special white trolley with blocking wheels and handy storage space for plastic film.

Starter package of plastic
Assortment of material (HIPS, ABS, PETG) cut to size to fit your Formech vacuum forming machine.

Spare Parts
A set of consumables that usually contains the following things: seals, elements, filter, fuses, tension clamps.


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