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GP-Serie Ovens for laboratories & light industry

We offer a wide choice of furnaces such as general furnaces, drying furnaces and industrial furnaces. The GP series ovens are general ovens for various applications where maximum temperatures of 250 ° C and optionally up to: 300 ° C are desired. The ovens are already widely used for preheating and drying liquid and sheet materials such as rubbers and plastics.

GP stands for General Purpose and is a multifunctional oven in which efficiency, affordability, reliability and quality have been a starting point in the development. The GP series furnaces are very good at general heating, drying in regular laboratory and light industrial applications. The basic ovens have a thermostat control which makes them ideal for various educational institutions. GP series models are available in the standard sizes with a capacity of 50 to 250 liters, but can also be made to customer-specific size. The GP ovens feature mounted controls on the side which makes it easy to stack the ovens if adjustments for top or bottom feed are required.

When this general oven from the GP series is used as a drying oven or preheating during vacuum forming, we can adapt the oven to the desired format tailored to your vacuum forming machine and desired thermoplastic plate format. These ovens are also used for drying and preheating ABS and Polycarbonate materials.

The oven exterior cabinets are made of sheet steel and then powder coated for durability. This makes the oven machine easy to clean or keep clean. The inner chamber of the oven is equipped with aluminum coated steel (CLAD) as standard. Of course, a stainless steel, stainless steel chamber is also optional. The oven drawers are made of sheet steel and are adjustable on the fixed guide rails.

There is a ventilation / access shaft on the top; additional vents can be factory fitted if required. The ventilation is also used for the insertion of thermometers and monitoring probes into the room.

Sheathed heating elements are located on the bottom of the heating chamber.
The heating element is mounted around the fan under the bottom plate.

The standard GP models come with calibrated thermostats equipped with a direct reading for both monitoring and overheating protection protection.
The Indicator lights indicate power, heating and safety protection. PID digital controllers with dual display (set and current) and programmable ramp and dwell controllers are standard options.

Special projects
We can supply various custom models for specific projects and / or vacuum forming machines where custom ovens are required. The ovens are very favorable in terms of price-quality ratio that meet the high quality requirements of various end users such as different laboratories, hospitals and other medical and industrial applications.

We distinguish various ovens for various applications and sizes. The ovens are offered in both standard sizes and customer-specific sizes, but the ovens can also be adapted or assembled on special requests. Ovens for:

  • General ovens
  • Custom Builds
  • Dual Range
  • Wax ovens
  • Industry
  • Heavy Duty
  • High temperature
  • Sterilize
  • moisture extraction
  • Drum warming
  • Microbiology
  • Visabilty
  • Dryers


Capacity: 10 – 350 liters
Temperature range: + 40 ° C to 250 ° C
Fluctuation (typical): ± 0.75 ° C
Aluminum-lined drawers: Yes
Calibrated clock thermostat: Yes
Overheating protection: dependent
CE Compliant: Yes

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