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SG 140, high-quality fast-setting polyurethane molding resin

The SG 140 polyurethane casting resin is a fast hardening casting resin for many applications. The HS (high strenth) unfilled resin is perfect for making molds and models, control models, prototypes, negative and positive models, pour molds and boxes, pour patterns and tools! The easy to mix 1A: 1B resins has a shore D 72 hardness. The SG 140 is a cast product with a low viscosity of 70 mPas and a 4-5 minute processing time. The cure is 30-60 minutes.

The SG 140 is a beige product and lends itself well for processing with color pigments or bronze powders. Also the finishing of the hardened material is an easy option. The SG 140 is a room temperature hardening (RTV) polyurethane material. The SG 140 is also widely used for making vacuum form tools.

Online Packaging: Set 10 kg
Packaging: Set 10 kg, Set 50 kg, Set 400 kg
Hardness (Shore D): 72 (±10)
Color: Beige
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B by weight (100A:91B by volume)
Working Time (min): 4-5
Total Cure (hr): 0.5 -1
Type product: Polyurethane resin

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