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Liquid release agent and sealer, Pol-Ease 2350

Pol-Ease® 2350, a semi-permanent Sealer & Release Agent, is a white dissolved petroleum jelly in mineral alcohol.

For making molds:

Apply to porous models when making molds made of polyurethane and silicone rubber. Multiple layers may be required depending on the porosity of the model. Allow the solvent to completely evaporate before applying liquid rubber.

For casting:

Can be applied to silicone rubber molds when pouring liquid silicone. Allow the solvent to completely evaporate before pouring. Use a soft brush to evenly distribute this product or apply it under pressure by means of a spray (use a Sure Shot Atomizer).

NOTES: Shake or stir before use.

Tin content: 1.5 lb / 680 ml

17,90 excl. VAT

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