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Luxaprint 3D Flex, Detax

The Luxaprint Flex from Detax is a highly transparent 3D printing resin without any fillers. The Detax Flex has a maximum print speed is print accuracy. The Luxaprint Flex is a 3D print resin with a high elastic recovery, high tear resistance, extremely impact-resistant and dimensionally stable. The ear cups printed with Luxaprint 3D Felx offer a natural and pleasant wearing comfort. The silicone-like print material is somewhat stiffer at room temperature, but when worn, the silicone will be flexible and flexible at body temperature.

The material has an exceptionally good memory and will always return to its original shape after deformation. Luxaprint Flex coat provides a perfect surface finish. The Luxaprint 3D Flex is a Biocompatible & free from Bisphenol A, Class IIa medical device. Color: clear

Color: clear transparent
Packaging: 1000 grams
Light source: UV 378-388nm – Luxaprint®
Brand: Detax
Application: Audiology
Product type: flexible 3D printing material


luxaprint® 3D flex – UV curing premium resin

379,00 excl. VAT

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