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luxaprint® flex coat, Detax, 100 ml

Detax Luxaprint Flex Coat is a one component UV curing lacquer for the protection of Luxaprint Flex 3D printing fluid.

The Luxaprint Flex 3D is a printing fluid for the generative production of flexible hearing protecting with additive manufacturing like 3D printing. The Luxaprint Flex coat is the soft surface sealer coating against dirt and cerumen. The soft surface protection is a high-gloss material that can be applied with various layers or single layers. The Coat Flex 3D has a low viscosity that is perfect for dipping.

The coating prevents dirt and adhesion of cerumen and makes it easy to clean. The Flex coat also ensures a higher tear strength of the earmould. The Flex coat is biocompatible, transparent, strong adhesion and blue ray yellowing protection.

Packaging: 100 ml
Brand: Detax
Application: audiology
Product type: coating

129,00 excl. VAT

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