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Luxaprint® shellac colors, 100 ml

The luxaprint® Shellac is a UV-curable sealing lacquer that acts as a colored sealer for 3D printed earpieces made from 3D print resins consisting of (meth) acrylate.

Transparent earpieces are simultaneously sealed and permanently colored by the Shellac. Easy to process by dipping or coloring. Creates a homogeneous, scratch resistant and easy to clean surface, it reduces the adhesion of cerumen. Colors freely mixable. High gloss, long-lasting color stable, biocompatible. Colors: black, blue, brown, green, red, orange, violet, yellow.

Colors: Blue, Red, Transparent, Black, Brown, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple
Packaging: 100 ml

Coloured sealing of generative manufactured earmoulds with luxaprint® shellac color

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