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Most accurate 3D printer forjewelry and micro fuid, Asiga Max X

Asiga Max X is available with a choice of two light sources, the 385nm UV lamp or the 405 nm light source and a 27 µm, 35 µm and 43 µm pixel size on the X, Y. The Asiga Max X has a build volume from 51.8 x 29.2 x 75, 67.2 × 37.8 × 75 mm and82.3 × 46.4 × 75 mm.

The Asiga Max X is easy to integrate into the digital workflow thanks to the ethernet and WiFi connections within the organization’s network. Thanks to the high accuracy and the possibility of the open material system, this printer is ideal for Digital Dentistry.

SPS technology from Asiga ensures the production of a precise printed layer within the ideal production time. This makes the Asiga Max X ideal for Jewelry and Micro Fluidic and Max ideal for medical applications such as dental, medical and audiology. By simply changing the trays with material you can produce another material within 30 seconds which can also be used by a third material supplier.

Within the dental technique, the Asiga can be used to make dental and orthodontic applications such as splints, crowns and bridges (also temporary), drilling templates (surgical guides), dental models, (individual) spoons and partial ones. The audiological sector produces many earpiece applications such as earshells, earmoulds and flexible silicone pieces.

The Asiga Max is available including the Composer software, post processing unit the Asiga Flash (Otoflash optional), calibration package and material of your choice.

The Asiga Max X is the best printer for jewelry and Micro Fluidic.

Build Size Asiga Max X 27 µm: 51.8 x 29.2 x 75 mm
Build Size Asiga Max X 35 µm: 67.2 x 37x 8 x 75 mm
Build Size Asiga Max X 43 µm: 82.3 × 46.4 × 75 mm



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