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NaturForm Latex Rubber, Latex 60-R

The Blue Latex 60-R is a one component natural  latex rubber for making thin, strong, brushed molds. The NaturForm, Latex 60-R has a release intern release agent. Latex 60 is often used to make molds for ornamental concrete and plaster for sculpting. NaturForm Latex 60 -R has better tear strength than most synthetic rubbers and is sometimes preferred for molds that are pulled off as a sock from the casting. Since individual layers of latex need to dry before further layers are applied, forming may take days or longer to be properly completed. For brushes that have to be finished within one day, consider the use of silicone or polyurethane with thickener.

Packaging: 1 kg, 18 kg, 5 kg
Aandeel stof: 58-62%
Viscosity (cP): 5,000 – 7,000 cps
Color: Blue

From: 19,50

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