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Oven PF200

The industrial oven PF200 is a large size oven with a total capacity of 230 liters. The large size industrial oven has a temperature range of max. 300 °C and is a plug-and-play machine on a 1-phase 240V power connection.

These ovens (AX120 & PF200) can be used for drying hygroscopic materials, preheating materials (to shorten cycle times in vacuum forming), curing for maximum temperature range when making tools for thermoforming or injection molds, curing resins and resins such as epoxy or polyurethane and heating a flat thermoplastic plastic sheet (and then manually forming over a mold). The ovens come standard with two heavy steel drawers.

AX120 – recommended for plates for Formech Compac Mini & 450DT
PF200 – recommended for plates for Formech 508DT & 508FS

The plastic plates can be placed on any tray in the oven. With thin plates it can sometimes be placed double on top of each other. When processing polycarbonate materials, it is advisable to order these ovens from the vacuum forming systems. For production by vacuum forming or casting multiple numbers, extra drawers can be ordered as an option.

The oven has a digital temperature controller, settings and an overheating controller, as a safety backup function.

Technical information:

  • Oven size internal: 590 x 750 x 520 mm
  • External oven size: 965 x 920 x 670 mm
  • Internal volume: 230 liters
  • Max. temperature: 300 ° C
  • Machine weight: 75
  • Power consumption: 13 a – 2700 watts
  • Packing size: 1140 x 1120 x 770 mm
  • Package weight: 112 kg


14 extra panels for the oven
Custom oven trolley

Brochure download:

Brochure AX120 & PF200 ovens


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