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Plaster protectant and polish, plaster model gloss

The environmentally friendly plaster model gloss is an impregnating agent for our plaster products. This dipping agent protects the plaster against dust, dirt and grease. By dipping the plaster model in the plaster model gloss and then polishing it with a dry cloth, the plaster gets a sealer function and a shiny surface. For large plaster models, you can pour or inject the plaster model gloss.

Instructions for use
Before using plaster model gloss, the model must be clean and dry. Place the model in a basin, filled with plaster model gloss (impregnation agent). The model must be completely submerged in the liquid. You should then leave the model in the waist for 30 minutes. Finally, remove the model from the basin and dry it for 30 minutes and dab it with a soft cloth/cloth. The plaster model gloss can be used several times. It is recommended to change the product when the liquid becomes cloudy.

The plaster model gloss is available in bottles of 0.9 ltr and 4.5 liters.

Packaging: 0.9 liter bottle, 4.5 liter canister.
Brand: Schouten
Product Type: Plaster Impregnation Agent

From: 14,90

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