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Poly 1512, High impact, Shore D71

Room temperature curing (RTV) Poly 15 series is two components plastic casting material. The Poly 15 Series like the 1512 are widely used for molding plastic products for numerous industrial and commercial applications. In addition to plastic end products, the Poly 1512 can be used for master models. tools, props and display work, mold shells but also for prototyping and functional models.

The poly 15 series is known for the high density that matches materials such as ABS or wood, but also has the look and feel of other lightweight composites. the Poly 1512 is suitable for series production, where it is too expensive to use an injection mold and technology.

The Poly 1512 can be easily colored with the Poly color and Poly pastes but can also be filled with additives and fillers such as aluminum and bronze powder, (CAB-O-SIL) thickeners.

When cured, this plastic has superior strength properties and the feel and density of hard wood or thermoplastic ABS and HIPS. Popular for thin-walled prototype parts cast under pressure.

Packaging: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg, Set 36 kg and 408 kg.
Hardness (Shore D): 71
Work time (min.): 22 min.
Demoulding time: 1-16 hours
Colour: White
Viscosity (cP): 400 cP
Product type: Polyurethane resin / urethane casting resin Poly 1512

From: 39,0026,00

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