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Poly 74-24, SHore A 24 polyuretyhane rubber

Polyurethane liquid casting rubber Shore A 24 (Poly 74-24)

The Poly 74-24 is a two-component liquid polyurethane casting rubber. This RTV rubber has an amber color during hardening and a hardness Shore A 24. By adding an additive CAB-O-SIL or PolyFiber, the liquid rubber can also be used as brushable rubbers. The rubber can then be used layer by layer as a layer-up technique for molds such as walls or ceiling. The Poly 74 series is often used for making molds and rubber products such as molds for objects with undercuts, restoration, concrete casting, various art products, architectural reproduction, various crafts, displays and industrial applications. The Poly 74-24 is a soft Shore A 24 rubber with a 20 min. Processing time and a 17-24 hour curing time.

The Poly 74-24 polyurethane rubber is an RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanization) pour rubber. The Poly 74 and 75 series products are very strong and durable so perfect for making durable molds. The Poly 74 and 75 series have been specially developed for making molds for the production and casting of concrete molds. The Poly 74-Series is a soft rubber for producing molds and products for the Prefab. The Poly 74 and Poly 75 Series are known for reproducing fine details and texture.

The Poly 74-24 is available in sets of 2 kg, 10 kg, 36 kg and 408 kg.

Onlin Packaging: Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg,
Packaging: Set 36 kg, Set 408 kg (drum 204A+204B),
Hardness (Shore A)
: 24
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B (by weight)
Working Time (min): 20
Total Cure (hr): 16 hr (demold) / 7 days (100%)
Color: Amber
Viscosity (cP): 2.000
Tear Strength (N/mm2): 9.63 / 55 PLI
Tensile Strength (N/mm2): 1.52 / 220 MPa
Elongation%: 750
Type product
: Polyurethane rubber


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