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Poly Colour black – Colour paste and liquid for Polyurethane

Black colors are available for polyuretahne rubber and resin in the following sizes:

  • Liquid in bottle, 113 grams
  • Paste in the container, 110 grams
  • Paste in a tin can, 250 grams

Please contact us for larger packaging sizes. Also available in Paste 1 kg can, liquid in 3.7 kg bottle.

Oil based dyes for coloring Schouten Syntec®’s liquid polyurethane rubbers and (polyurethane) plastic resins. Available in  white, brown, blue, black, green, red, yellow,  and fleshtone.

Add up to 0.5% color to the total mixed liquid rubber or plastic (exception: up to 2% PolyColor White and PolyColor Fleshtone can be added to polyurethane rubbers and resins). Stir the colors and especially the White and Fleshtone before use.

Please read the technical data sheets of the used plastic rubber od casting plastic for additional information.

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