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Poly foam F500, high density polyurethane foam

The Poly Foam F-500 is a two component polyurethane foam with extremely high density. This very high density elastomer foam gives a free expanding foam after mixing 460 – 540 kgm-3. The foam is self-skinning, which means that the foam leaves a nice smooth skin on the outside. The poy foam F-500 is durable and has excellent physical properties. The typical free rise density of the foam is between 460 – 540 kgm-3 but can achieve an even higher density through confinement.

Poly Foams can be cast in our Eurosil (addition) and SG C-Sil silicone rubber molds or in our polyurethane rubbers which are pre-coated with a release agent such as our release agent such as our Pol-Ease 2300 or release agent VL.

The PolyFoam F-500 is a two component foam with a 100 A: 26 B mixing ratio and a viscosity of ± 1,000 cP. The Poly foam has a cream time of 50-60 sec in the first phase, after which the p.u. foam for 2.5 – 3 minutes will foam up in an unconfined space up to 460 – 540 kgm-3. The poly foam F-500 is black in color.

This polyfoam based on a polyurethane is a selfskinning foam and has a nice surface skin.

The Poly foam F-3 and F-5 are foams with a significantly lower density in free expansion.


Set 1.26 KG (1 kg A + 260 g B)
Set 6.3 KG (5 kg A + 1.3 kg B)
Set 31.5 KG (25kg A + 6.5 kg B)
Set 252 KG (200 kg A + 52 kg B)

Mixing ratio: 100A: 26B
Viscosity (cP): ± 1000
Cream Time: 60-60 Sec.
Rise Time: 2.5-3 min.
Free Density: 4 60 – 540 kgm-3.
Molded Density: 500 kgm-3 +

From: 49,50

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