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Poly Foam Flexibel, F200

Polyurethane casting foam Poly Foam F200 is a flexible two-component casting foam with medium-high density. This elastomeric foam gives a free expanding foam after mixing of approximately 150 – 180 kgm-3. The foam is self-skinning, which means that the foam leaves a reasonably smooth skin on the outside, but can be improved with a first layer of molding rubber. The poly foam F200 has excellent physical properties, but is also a durable type of foam. The typical free rise density of the foam is between 150 -180 kgm-3 but can achieve an even higher density of, for example, 250 – 500 kgm-3 by confinement.

Poly foams can be cast in our Eurosil (addition) and SG C-Sil silicone rubber molds or in our polyurethane rubbers that are pre-coated with release agent such as our Pol-Ease 2300 release agent or VL release agent. Plastic, wooden and steel molds can also certainly function well as molds, provided that the correct release agent is used.

The Poly Foam F-200 is a two-component foam with a 100 A: 30-36 B mixing ratio. The Poly foam has a short cream time of 25-35 sec in the first phase, after which the p.u. foam 2 – 2.5 minutes will foam in an unconfined space to 150-180 kgm-3 or in an enclosed mold 250 – 500 kgm-3. The poly foam F-200 has a beige yellowish color. The F200 flexible polyurethane casting foam has a hardness of approximately Shore A 15-20 / Shore OO 65-65 at a mixing ratio of 100: 30.

This polyurethane foam is self-skinning and therefore creates a beautiful skin around the foam.

The Poly foam F-3 and F-5, F150, are foams with a significantly lower density in free expansion and the Poly foam F-200 and F-500 are with a higher density.


Set 1.36 KG (1 kg A + 360 g B) – available online
Set 6.8 KG (5 kg A + 1.8 kg B) – available online
Set 34 KG (25 kg A + 9 kg B)
Drum packaging on request

Mixing ratio: 100A : 30 – 36B
100 : 30 Soft
100 : 33 Medium
100 : 36 Hard
Hardness: Shore A 15-20 / Shore OO 65-65 (mix ratio of 100: 30)
Cream Time: 25-35 sec.
Rise Time: 2-2.5mins
Free Density: 150-180 kgm-3.
Molded Density: 250-500kgm-3

Tensile Strength SOFT/HARD MPa: 0.4 – 0.5 / 0.75 – 0.85
Tear Strength SOFT/HARD kN/m: 3-4 / 4-5
Elongation at break SOFT/HARD %: 375 – 475 / 275 325

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