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Poly Foams Rigid, R2

Poly foam R-2 is a two-component and self-raising rigid polyurethane foam. The p.u. foam R2 has a free-rise density of 2.5 lb / ft³ but needs to be poured with a density of 4 to 8 lb / ft³ to obtain a good surface detail and filling of the mold. The flexible foams can be used well as fillings in cast resins and rubbers or for props, tools, art objects, decorative or functional applications or for parts that have to be light weight. These Poly foams can be cast in our Eurosil (addition) and SG C-Sil silicone rubber molds or in our polyurethane rubbers that are pre-coated with release agent such as our release agent Pol-Ease 2300 or release agent VL. The foams can also be poured into the polyurethane rubbers as a filling. When a layer of polyurethane rubber is first coated in the mold, the foam can then adhere nicely to the rubber layer.

The PolyFoam R2 is a foam with 1A: 1B mixing ratio and has a viscosity of 500 cP. The Poly Foam has a cream time of 30 seconds in the first phase, after which the p.u. foam will foam for 3 minutes. After 10 minutes, the stickiness of the foams will decrease and you will see a shell around the foam. This skin originates from the foam itself (self skinning). The R2 foam can be removed from the mold after 30 minutes. Since the skin of the product automatically arises from the product, maximum foam will develop in the mold and on the surface. The Poly foam can also be colored with the poly paste and poly colors.

SynTec® produces “flexible” and “Rigid” polyurethane casting foams (PolyFoams). The Flexible foams are available in two variants: the PolyFoam F-3 and PolyFoam F-5 (molded density 8-15 lb / ft³). The rigid, hard version is available in R-2, R-5 and R-8

Packaging: Set 408 kg (204A+204B), Set 2 kg, Set 10 kg, Set 36 kg
Mix Ratio: 1A:1B
Viscosity (cP): 500 cP
Cream Time: 30 sec
Rise Time: 3 (min)
Type product: Polyurethane foam

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