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Polyurethane accelerator, Poly 74/75 Part X

Poly 74/75 Part X accelerator is an additive that accelerate the curing time for Poly 74/75 series and PT flex polyurethane products. The Part X provides a faster gel time and demold time. The Part X accelerator is useful for any layer-up or brush molds, this shortens the wait time before applying the new layer. The required amount of Part X varies from product to product and must be determined by means of experiments. First make a test and try to maintain this mixing ratio.

Example 1: add 3% Part X (based on the weight of the total mix) add to Poly 74-30 pour Rubber, the processing time is reduced to about 8 minutes. Then you can take the time to mix a next batch, the layer is then sufficiently hardened to apply the next layer. Demold is possible in about 4 hours after the last layer has been applied.

Example 2: by adding 1% Part X (based on the weight of the total mix) to Poly 75-80 liquid pour Rubber, the processing time will be reduced to about 10 minutes and it will be possible in just 6 hours to get the mold.

COMMENTS: Be careful when using Part X for molds, as the fast starts to harden the air bubbles get little or no time to get into the mold and / or surface. Add Part X to component B first before mixing with component A. For more information, read the product’s TDS form.

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