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Polyurethane cast plastic Shore D 65 SLOW, EasyFlo 95


Hardness: Shore D 70
workingtime (min.): 5
demoldtime (hr): 1-2 hr.
Viscositeit (cP): 200 cP


The EasyFlo 95 is the slow version of the Easy Flo series of polyurethane casting plastic. A longer processing time of 5 minutes, a release time of 60-30 minutes (depending on the thickness) and a viscosity of 90-95 cP are the properties of the EasyFlo 95. The Easy Flo 95 has a hard Shore D 65 hardness.

EasyFlo Series products are user-friendly, mercury-free polyurethane resins with simple 1A: 1B mixing ratio ratios per volume (100A: 90B by weight). These super low viscosity fluids ensure perfect details and air bubble free castings without the need for vacuum casting techniques. Because of the short Demold times, EasyFlo products are ideal for high volume applications or fast processing times such as production.

For rotation molding or spraying of polyurethaan products, we recommend the Easy Flo 120 through the controlled gelling process and the EasyFlo Spray. The EasyFlo products are easy to machine after curing, such as painting, sanding and drilling.

In addition to the SG Series (SG 2000 L, SG 130 and SG 140), EasyFlo plastics are the faster versions of resins with the lowest viscosity and very versatile that work well for numerous commercial, industrial, hobby, vessel, prop and display projects.

EasyFlo plastics can be cast in Eurosil® and SG C-Sil® silicone molds without release agent and can be molded into polyurethane rubber molds and latex molds with the appropriate release agent (eg Pol-Ease® 2300 release agent).

Packaging: Set 1.9 kg, Set 9.5 kg, Set 34.4 kg
Mix Ratio: 100A:100 by volume / 100A:90B by weight
Color: White
Working Time (min): 5
Total Cure (hr): 30-60 min
Viscosity (cP): 95 cP
Type product: Polyurethane resin


  • TDS EasyFlo 95
  • MSDS EasyFlo 95 Component A
  • MSDS EasyFlo 95 Component Base B

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