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Polyurethane rubber Shore A 20, Poly 74-20

Poly 74-20 Liquid Rubber is a two component (A + B), liquid polyurethane system rubber that cures at room temperature (RTV) to a yellow Shore A20 rubber. This is the softest rubber in the Poly 74 series line of polyurethane molded rubber for molds and rubber products. Poly 74-20 is a castable rubber, but it can easily be thickened with CAB-O-SIL thickener for brush or spatible molds.

The Poly 74-20 is a very strong and flexible polyurethane casting rubber especially developed for the production of molds. Due to the HS (High Strength) quality the rubber is very suitable for pouring various concrete types such as GFRC, but also concrete types with additives and pigments. We see pOly 74- and 75-serie moulds ooften in wet casting manufacturers. In addition to pouring concrete, the Poly 74 series rubber is very suitable for casting with gypsum (such as Giluform 350 and SP10), epoxy, polyurethane resins, polyester, acrylics, silicones and other casting materials.


Packaging: Set 3 kg, Set 15 kg, Set 54 kg, drums packaging on request
Hardness (Shore A): 20
Mixing ratio: 1A:2B (by weight)
Pour Time (min.): 20
Demold time (uur): 16 uur (demold) / 7 days (100%)
Viscosity (cP): 800
Elongation (%): 1060
Tensile Strength (PLI): 43 (7,53 kN/m)
Breukbelasting (N/mm2): 14.36
Die C Tear Strength (PSI): 217 (1.5 Mpa)
Type of product: Polyurethane rubber


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