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Polyurethane softener, Poly 74/75 Part C

Poly Part C softener for polyurethane casting en mold rubber. The Part C softener is a plasticizer for polyurethane casting rubber which lowers the viscosity (makes material thinner) and softens the cured rubber (lower Shore A ).

Add Poly 74/75 part C plasticizer to Poly 74 series, Poly 75 series, and PT Flex series polyurethane casting rubbers for a less viscous liquid and softer cured rubber. The required amount of component C varies from product to product and must be determined by trying (experimentally).

Example: to soften Poly 74-30 liquid rubber (Shore A30) to a Shore A15, mix 1A: 1B: 1C by weight. NOTE: When component C is used, the curing time may be longer, some loss of force may occur in the cured rubber and an increased tendency to shrink after repeated casting. Add part C to part B before mixing with part A. For more information, consult the TDS of the product to be processed.

Packaging: 450 grams, 3.7 kg

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