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The Addition Ultra from Detax is an impression silicone for general use during impressions in the ear. The Addition Ultra is a premium quality silicone with a soft and smooth initial consistency. The Addition Ultra is a thixotropic material and does not drip. The silicone has excellent detail rendering with high elastic recovery and tensile strength.

This ultra is easy to scan and retains its shape for a longer period of time. Naturally skin-friendly and biocompatible. This addition cured silicone Addition Ultra from Detax has a medium viscosity and a hardness of approximately Shore A 37.

The Ultra can be used for both Automix 1 and Automix 2. Available in 2 different cartridges.

Mixcanules: Optima White (03187)
Automix 1 – Use Item nr. 02082
Mixgun: Automix 2 – Use item nr. 02523

Also possible use with: 02770 roze / 04193 T-mixer pink

Brand: Detax
Type: Afdruk siliconen
Packaging: 8 x 50 ml.
Item Nr.: 02082 voor automix 1
Item Nr.: 02523 voor automix 2
Color: Licht blauw
Time in ear: 3.00 min.
Biocompatible: ja, Class IIA


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