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Formech 1250 Vacuumform machine

With the intuitive user interface ‘FCV’ (Formech Cycle View) with a 7-inch touch screen, the large size 1250/1500 series is particularly suitable for R&D in, for example, the automotive and aerospace industry, sign and display companies, plastics companies. but also for companies involved in the design of films and theater sets or universities.

Our large size 1250 or 1500 serie vacuumforming system is highly recommended in the plastic industry. This (semi-) production machine is recommended in the plastic processing industry for prototyping, small and large serie production runs.

The electric heater, pneumatic table and clamping drive ensure simple and effortless operation, while the vacuum refueling system comes standard for super fast response for demanding applications and fast cycle times.

The Formech 150 has been developed to form large formats with dimensions of 1220 x 1220 mm or 1250 x 1250 mm. Formech’s 1250 series offers the operator a practical approach related to the more expensive and fully automated machines.

Form area: 1180 x 1180 mm
Plate Size: 1220 x 1220 mm
Maximum depth draw: 600 mm
Maximum material thickness: 6 mm
Heating zones: 25
Type of heaters: Quartz
Width: 2113 mm
Height: 2200 mm
Depth: 3278 mm
Weight: 1050Kg
Single Phase Power Requirements: Not applicable
Europe – 3 Phase Power Requirements: 380-415 / 40A
United States – 3 Phase Power Requirements: 208-220 V / 68A
Energy Consumption: 25.0kW
External air connection: 80 PSI / 5 bar
Type of vacuum forming machine: Large format
Type of product: Vacuum forming machine


7-inch color HMI / PLC with Formech cycle display (FCV)
Wago control system with 7 inch color touch screen, real-time adjustments, 1% step-up boost control, Formech cycle display and 40 preset program memories.

Quartz heating with variable standby
Quartz heaters have the advantage of fast response and high efficiency, resulting in time and energy savings.

25 independently controllable heating zones
Twenty-five heating zones and Quartz heating systems provide rapid heat response with a greater range of control to form challenging shapes and materials

Electric Heater Drive
Electrically powered heating element for convenient operation. Controlled speed of heating and cooling of the elements prevents damage to heating elements.

Pneumatic trigger clamps
Pneumatically powered clamping system that provides powerful and effortless operation.

Powerfull table
Raises the table (with forming tool) quickly and accurately and enables fatigue-free work, even with heavy models. Dual controls prevent accidental activation of the controls.

Adjust table height
Table height adjustment shortens the travel of the tool table when using shallow tools and shortens cycle time.

Pre-stretch allows the user to pump air into the heated plate, creating an air bubble (bulge of the plastic plate) to prevent material from thinning with deeper tools.

Avoids material sag during the heating cycle and maintains an even distance between the heater and the plate, while providing the user with an audible indication that the material is ready to be formed.

Vacuum “Receiver” tank
A vacuum tank that ensures stored vacuum pressure can be used immediately. This is widely used with demanding materials and shorter cycle times with, for example, production.

Vacuum and pressure gauges
A visual indication of a consistent vacuum and pressure being applied (pressure in Hg / bar).

Twin Cooling Fan System
Overhead gantry and twin 550W fans to cool molded material and reduce cycle times.

Oil-filled rotary vane pump 21m3 / hour
Oil-free and requires minimal maintenance


Reducing window
Reduces the molding area to use smaller plastic sheet material and minimize waste. We offer this in Standard or specially tailor-made format.

Heating pyrometer
Sensor for accurate feedback of blade temperature and return heaters when target temperature is reached (except on the 686 and 1372 where it gives a digital readout). Emergency air storage tank provides cooling continuity on shutdown to protect the pyrometer.

Cooling Bolster
A water-cooled plate to instantly cool and control the temperature of the aluminum tool for consistent and faster cycle times.

Vacuum flow regulator
Accurately controls the vacuum flow when a greater degree of control is required in demanding applications.

Multi-user pin access control
The supervisor of the machine can choose and determine an access level for the different operators.

Set of spare parts
A consumable kit, usually with seals, elements, filter, fuses, tension clips.



Formech 1250/1500 - Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines

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