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Mix tool for liquid rubbers and resins, Turbomixer

The Patented, high-quality and high efficiency Turbo Mixers fit any drill with 1/2-inch chuck and mix more than other mixers or our Jiffy Mixers. The Turbo mixers ensure good mixing with a reduction of air ingress in the liquid materials. The operation of these mixers only work optimally when they are kept clean of mixed material. Sizes available for mixing from 2 liters (1/2 gallon) to mixing drum packs of 200+ liters (55 gallon mixes). The turbo mixers are suitable for the following volumes:

  • Turbo Mixer for air reduction, content: 2 ltr
  • Turbo Mixer for air reduction, content: 8 ltr
  • Turbo Mixer for air reduction, content: 10-38 ltr
  • Turbo Mixer for air reduction, capacity: 210 ltr

If the Turbo Mixers are kept clean after use, the mixers will last a long time. These mixers accelerate the mixing process by automatically mixing the liquid materials with optimal mixing. By using these mixers, the air impact is many times less than with other mixers. Air impact can lead to poorer quality materials and air bubbles in the material or surfaces. For the desired effect, a low speed should be mixed.

The turbo mixers are mainly used for urethane, silicone and epoxy materials.

The mixers can be cleaned with an acetone or dissolving alcohol. At high speed, turn the remaining materials of the mixer into an empty bucket and then mix in the acetone or alcohol solution. When using a silicone material, you can easily pull off the cured materials, provided they are well mixed.

Size: 2 liters, 8 liters, 10-38 liters and 200+ liters.

From: 45,00

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