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Platsil 73-45, FDA Food Silicone Rubber Shore A 45

FDA Food graded Silicone rubber, Platsil 73-45

The Platsil 73-45 is a widely used addition silicone material for molding food-related products or parts for food-related products and systems. The Platsil 73-45 is  a flexibel Shore A 45. The Platsil silicone molding rubber is a platinum-curing two-component rubber that cures at room temperature (RTV) to a green rubber with Shore A 45. The processing time is relatively long with 40 minutes and a demoulding time of 16 hours. The liquid silicone rubber has a higher viscosity of 35,000 cP. The mixing ratio is 1A: 10B.

Medium hard siliconen rubber for food applications according to  FDA approval.

The Platsil Gel 45 are used for making rubber molds and parts in general where the rubber has to be a bit harder. The Platsil Gel 45 is comparable with an eraser of a pen. When the correct mixing and processing instructions are adhered to (accurate, clean working with the correct mixing ratio, processing, mixing well and fully curing), the Platsil 73-45 is also suitable as a food-safe silicone. According to an independent laboratory, the 73-45 complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 as published in “Code of Federal Regulations” for food-contact rubber parts for repeat use. Compliance with this regulation does not mean that these silicone rubbers are FDA approved. Regulatory compliance and the FDA certified processor of these materials are requirements for this type approval. View product technical bulletins for processing instructions and refer to TIF FDA sheet for downloads.

The Platsil 73-45 is just like the the Platsil Gel 10, Platsil Gel 25, Platsil 73-45 en Tinsil 80-30 an FDA approved and food contact safe silicone. The silicone can be used for food contact on machine parts, packaging and gaskets or for making silicone rubber molds for ice cream molds, baking molds, chocolate molds, or other applications within the food industry. The silicone rubber parts and molds should first be thoroughly washed with detergent and dried.

Do not expose the mold or rubber parts to temperatures above 204 ° C / 400 ° F during baking.

Platsil silicone rubber 73-45 is an addition curing silicone with a long pot life and FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 certified food grade. The Platsil silicone rubber 73-45 is available in sets of 5.5 kg and set of 19.9 kg. Bulk packaging on request.

Packaging: Set 5,5 kg, Set 19,9 kg
Color: Groen
Hardness (Shore A): 45
Mixing Ratio: 1A:10B (bij gewicht)
Work time (min.): 45
Cure time (min): 6 uur totale uitharding
Viscosity (cP): 35.000
Density: 1.27
Tensille (N/mm2): 4.35 mPa (631 psi)
Elongation %: 707 
Type of product: Platinum silicone (addition-cured), Silicone rubber
FDA: Silicone rubber for food related applications.


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