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Pro3dure – GR-1 (< 388nm) GR10 (405nm),hard ear shells / ITE shells.

The Pro3dure GR-1 / GR-10 is a premium (light) curing print resin based on (meth) acrylates and is suitable for the production of hard earmolds and IE shells. The material is distinguished by UV stability in combination with high elongation at break. This resin offers a high robustness of the production process and meets the highest aesthetic requirements without showing brittleness. The light-curing premium materials of the Pro3dure GR series cover the full material spectrum of additive manufacturing. The resins are available for SLA / DLP printers. We can supply you with customized material configurations and .ini files on request.

Pro3dure is a German manufacturer of UV curable materials for 3D printing of various dental and audiological applications with the GR-series resins.

The GR-1 / Gr-10 is a low viscosity and biocompatible resin for audiological production applications.
GR-1 – For <388 nm UV light source
b- For 405 nm light source


  • highest UV stability
  • low viscosity
  • high elongation at break
  • other colors available on request

Available in packs of 1000 grams in the colors clear transparent, red transparent, blue transparent, reddish / pink transparent & beige opaque.

Packaging: 1000 grams
Color: Beige, Blue transparent, Red transparent, Clear / transparent, Pink transparent, black opaque, tan opaque, cocoa opaque, purple opaque.
Brand: Pro3dure
Product name: GR-1 (<388nm UV), GR-10 (<405nm)
Type of product: 3D printing material
Type of printer technology: SLA / DLP
Application: Audiology.


Instructions for use pro3Dure GR 1 TDS


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