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RP 700, automatische cutting machine voor vacuumforming

The automatic roller press RP 700 is used for accurate trimming of vacuum shapes, such as blister packs, inlays and displays and other shapes. The vacuum forms are placed in a custom cutting mold. Then a cutting board is placed on top, after which the mold is moved by the machine between the rollers with a considerable cutting force.

The finished part is neatly cut from the surrounding scrap material, leaving a flange that can be used for sealing to a backing board if necessary. The distance between the rollers is adjustable using a crank, giving you a range of 5mm – 125mm.

The Roller Press series (RP700 and the RP1200) are designed and manufactured in accordance with the EU safety directives and thus comply with accident prevention regulations to protect the operators. The simple operation of the RP 700 and RP 1200 does not require skilled operators but is easy to use.

Single Phase Power Requirements: N/A
Europe – 3 Phase Power Requirements: 380 V, 50/60 Hz
USA – 3 Phase Power Requirements: 208-220V /40A
Max absorbed power: RP700 – 1kW | RP1200 – 1.5Kw

Working surface: RP700 – 680mm / 28” ( RP1200 – 1200mm / 61″ )
Maximum production heigh: RP700 – 177mm / 7” ( RP1200 – 200mm / 7.8″ )
Machine width: 1050mm 41″
Machine depth: 2815mm / 110″
Machine height: 1400mm / 55″
Net machine weight: 350kg / 770lbs


Information Sheet RP 700


Processing Equipment - Formech Roller Press (RP700)

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