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Release agent silicon base, Pol-Ease 2300

Pol-Ease 2300 aerosol is a silicone-based release agent for use on non-porous or sealed models. Can be used for multifunctional applications. For casting polyurethane rubbers and resins or epoxies.

For making molds:

Apply to non-porous or sealed models when making molds polyurethane pour rubbers or pour resins.

For making pourings:

Apply to the cured polyurethane molds when casting a variety of materials, including polyurethane molds, plastics, resins, rubbers and epoxies.

After applying the release agent with aerosol, it can be brushed with a soft brush to improve results and ensure coverage. Drying time is not necessary.

Aerosol cans with capacity of 354 ml / 12 oz.

14,90 excl. VAT

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