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Release agent silicon base, Pol-Ease 2300

Pol-Ease 2300 aerosol is a silicone-based, aerosol spray release agent for use on non-porous or sealed models. Can be used for multi-purpose applications. For casting polyurethane rubbers and resins or epoxies. This release agent is easy to use and this aerosol atomizes the silicone release agent very fine. This release agent can be used versatilely for various materials such as polyurethane rubbers and resins, epoxy resins, acrylic, but also, for example, to promote release during vacuum forming.

For making molds:

Apply to non-porous or sealed models when making molds with polyurethane cast rubbers or cast resins. After spraying, the release agent can be brushed out with a dry and soft brush (diagonally). Ensure perfect coverage and distribution of the oil.

For making castings:

Apply to cured polyurethane molds when casting a variety of materials, including polyurethane casting plastics, resins, rubbers and epoxies.
After applying the release agent per spray bottle, it can be brushed with a soft brush to improve results and coverage. A drying time is not necessary.

Available separately in aerosol cans with a content of 354 ml / 12 oz and packed in an carton box of 12 pieces.

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